"Every order is a custom order"

AMSTERDAM CORPORATION is is Harlinger Tiles.

These are the finest classic Dutch Delft-style ceramic tiles made today.

They are the only totally hand-made and hand-painted tiles made in Holland today. They come from the town of Harlinger, in the province of Friesland.

Using techniques developed centuries ago, these ceramic tiles follow historical patterns that will always be in style. Blue and White, Sepia, and Polychrome (multicolor) glazes are carefully and artistically hand-painted onto each tile.

Sailboats, windmills, landscapes, flowers and many other design choices will look familiar, yet new. The tiles can be Customized – and personalized - please inquire.

Dutch Delft-style tiles mean clean and bright; our Harlinger tiles create a wonderful classic look.

The Harlinger designers are also adding new designs: (1) a contemporary Culinary theme, (2) Wildlife along the Waddensea – a UNESCO World Heritage site in Northern Holland, and (3) designs from the Art Nouveau era. All the tiles are hand-made and hand-painted in Holland.

We look forward to your inquiries.

Meet Bibby Veerman

Bibby Veerman

I have been with AMSTERDAM CORPORATION for 30+ years. Every job is a delight: I have never been disappointed in the quality of the tiles, and the installation that brings joy to the customer.

I frequently travel to Holland to visit the workshop, to see our designers and painters. They enjoy our orders, which often offer unique challenges.

Please feel free to contact me: I will put you in touch with your nearest tile dealer, or assist you myself.